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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Morning Yoga

Zone Perfect presents the YOGAmazing Video Podcast

In this episode we focus on a series of poses that will help when you get out of bed in the morning. When doing yoga in the morning, remember to allow yourself to ease into the poses and to allow your body and mind to awaken together.

If you would like to make a suggestion please send an email to chaz@yogamazing.com

Please add your comments as well about new class ideas or whatever you so desire...

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enjoy... namaste,



Mike95 said...

Thanks for your videos. This is the first one I watch and I thoroughly enjoyed it and plan to start Yoga on my own using your videos!

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else having trouble downloading this in itunes? Everytime I try to download it, it goes through the download process and then tell me itunes is unable to play the file. Ever since I got Vista I've had nothing but problems with it. Vista really doesn't play nice with itunes or quicktime.

Brian said...

Hi Mark,
No problem downloading, but I am using a Mac.

Brian said...

You asked about whether it is better to integrate a lifestyle podcast within your regular Yogamazing podcast, or to do it as a stand alone.

I have enjoyed the Spoken Grace series as well as some other things you have tried, as a separate downloads as part of the Yogamazing podcast.

One of the nice things is that you have been very consistent with the yoga podcast every weekend. I find that I really look forward to seeing the new workout. Perhaps, you might schedule a regular, mid-week lifestyle podcast. Even a short one could be a nice respite from the workaday world.
Cheers, and namaste. --Brian

Pia said...

Hi Chaz,

Thank you for this Morning Yoga session. I've been religiously doing yogamazing for the past 3 months and after doing Morning Yoga, I've done it everyday. I love it. Thank YOU!!!

Genevieve Rohan said...

I am putting in my two cents regarding your question to have the yoga/lifestyle podcasts separate or together. While I will watch both, I would do that under different circumstances, so I think separate podcasts would fit me better.
Thanks! Genevieve