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Saturday, March 24, 2007

YOGAmazing presents SPOKENgrace - Throwing Stones - Teresa Phelps

Zone Perfect presents the YOGAmazing Video Podcast

In this edition of the YOGAmazing SPOEKNgrace podcast I speak with Vinyasa Yoga instructor Teresa Phelps about her passion for flow yoga and how it has changed her from a ballet dancer to yoga teacher.

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Brian said...

Hi Chaz,
Throwing Stones is very well done. I like the camera-work, voice over, and editing a lot. I even tried to emulate some of Teresa's poses (which are a lot more intense than they look). And, pass on my thanks to her for sharing. She seems like an extraodinary instructor.

I'm really impressed with your willingness to experiment with the video podcast medium. I wonder if you might be able to compile a video montage of instructors and students done in the same manner (during your copious free time). Maybe you can do that when you launch the All-Yoga-All-the-Time Channel.
Cheers and Namaste,

Chaz Rough - PodFactory.net said...

Thanks Brian... your continued feedback is inspiring... thank you... All-Yoga-All-the-Time Channel... hhhhhmmmmm