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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Yoga Basics

Zone Perfect presents the YOGAmazing Video Podcast

Over the past several months I have received numerous emails requesting a basic yoga class for beginners. So this class will be basic, but it will also be for anyone that is interested in becoming healthier and stronger through the practice of yoga... so remember to breathe, relax and have fun. If you would like to make a suggestion please send an email to chaz@yogamazing.com

Please add your comments as well about new class ideas or whatever you so desire...

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enjoy... namaste,



Anonymous said...

Great back to basics class to make us all check our positions and what we may be doing wrong.
I was just wondering if you (Chaz) were surprised with the amount of feedback you get from guys when it appears to me that yoga is more popular with women, at least in the USA.

Chaz said...

My audience is about 65% female and 35% male, but the guys are slowly discovering the intensity that yoga can bring to the table. I've been doing yoga for over 12 years and I'm always amazed at how challenging it always is, but the end result is always gratifying.

Anonymous said...

ugh chaz. muchos muchos gracias for the yoga basics podcast. its nice that you're going back for the newbie yogies.