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Saturday, March 03, 2007

#71 - Meditative Flow

Zone Perfect presents the YOGAmazing Video Podcast

I received an email from Alice in Munich, Germany requesting a class that would be good for both the mornig and evening, so I created the meditative flow. It is relaxing and fun to do. Big namaste to Alice for the suggestion, if you would like to make a suggestion please send an email to chaz@yogamazing.com

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Remember to breathe, relax and have fun...




Brian said...

Hi Chaz,
I hope this blog catches on. I have been using your podcast for a little over a year, now. It truly is "yogamazing." I tell everyone I know about this podcast.

I am enjoying this Meditative Flow class very much. In general, I enjoy the class sessions and the one-on-one demonstrations equally. The class sessions are helpful because as you correct people's postures, it reminds me to check my own.

I can't do everthing as smoothly as I would like (particularly, getting from down dog into a lunge; it's easier going from one-legged down dog, though I still need to shuffle my foot and adjust).

But, compared to a year ago, I am much stronger, more flexible, and I find myself remembering to breathe to calm myself down during the day.

My sincere thanks.

Chaz Rough said...

Brian, thanks for the feedback... your body will respond, just give it time and it will all connect like a puzzle.


Brian said...

I'm sure it will, Chaz. Though, it might help if you say something like: "Patience, Grasshopper."

I hope that's funny to you. I do enjoy your jokes a lot.

Uncle Phatato said...


Your meditative flow is so great. I enjoy the classes, but it was neat to see you in action. I've only done it once so far, but the more I practice with that specific podcast, the more I'll be able to follow along. Plus, my coffee table got in the way :)

Thanks for providing such a great yoga session in such an innovative way. Keep up the good work.