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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yoga for the Neck and Shoulders

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The neck and shoulder areas are particularly vulnerable to stress. Learning to relax these muscles can release tension and visibly lengthen the neck. This class is for all levels and should be a regular class in your daily life
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Kimberly said...

Hello Chaz, my name is Kimberly and I'm a young 37 year old. I've had a bit of luck in the last two years; some good, some bad. I had my 1st baby (bit of good luck), but I also had a near fatal car wreck 8 months after he was born (very bad luck indeed). I was seriously injured breaking my pelvis in numerous places and crushing my left foot. I was in the hospital and rehab for a very long time but am still not the same. I am very lucky to be alive but often my pain makes it hard for me to see that. Before the wreck I had been a dancer/yoga practitioner, but since the wreck my balance has been thwarted by my tilted pelvis. Very recently I started doing yoga again and it has been extremely helpful in many ways. I discovered your podcast and have been practicing with you for several weeks. I enjoy your classes tremendously and would like to share a problem with you. Having a 1st child at the age of 35 stretched my stomach out and it has been impossible to rid myself of this potbelly. I often think it won't ever be fixed without surgery. I have been on several diets and have also tried to change my lifestyle. And I have lost weight, but I have never been able to lose the belly. What am I to do? Do you have any suggestions, or perhaps a class for me? I would be yogamazed and very grateful if you could help rid me of this most unsightly tummy.
Sincerely a fan, Kimberly.p