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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Warrior Flow

PodFactory presents the YOGAmazing Video Podcast

In this episode we'll be doing a Warrior flow sequence that will be fun and different from any class I have ever created... enjoy the journey. If you would like to make a suggestion please send an email to chaz@yogamazing.com

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enjoy... namaste,


1 comment:

Cesar Vargas said...

Hi Chaz.. I just did this yoga session today (i had it on my itunes for weeks).. i love it.. it s one of my favorites so far.
and soo weird that there was just one down dog and none child's pose!

Greetings from Peru :)

ps: I had a request.. Im a graphic designer from Peru.. is there a way to increase creativity through yoga? Maybe working on a specific chakra.. i dunno. Thanks Chaz.. i love your show. a big hug for u.