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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Yoga for Posture

Zone Perfect presents the YOGAmazing Video Podcast

In this episode we focus on a series of poses that will help with better posture

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Remember to have fun, relax and breathe.




Anonymous said...

"Yoga for Posture," this was MY suggestion! :) i got to tell you, it was so awesome and exciting hearing my suggestion on the podcast.
I am happy to say that since this podcast has been put up my body has been transforming for the better as i've been doing the poses and conciously keeping my body upright and rooted. I have to say it so crazy watching my body change through the practice of yoga. My belly bulge has been slowly shrinking and I can now see my abs!!! ive noticed that my butt doesnt stick out as much too. I love it. I never realized that just standing correctly could be so impactful on my entire body! *chanting* mountain pose! mountain pose! mountain pose! all of the poses were awesome really and fairly easy to follow for beginners like me :)

Thanks Chaz for the podcast .

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Friend who told me my body looked like the letter S mentioned last week that my stomache looked smaller and that i looked a bit thinner.... so satisfying~

Chaz Rough - PodFactory.net said...

Glad I could help :-)

Valery said...

One of the yoga benefits is that there are so many ways to develop your body and soul! Oh! I love it!