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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sun Salutations

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In this episode we do the Sun Salutations with many twists and turns... if you want the typical A and B series this is not it, this version is playful, challenging and invigorating. Many people asked for a class with kick, well here you go... ;-)

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enjoy... namaste,



Brian said...

This definitely has kick. Thanks.

Papa Louie said...

Thanks Chaz for putting on these great shows. I am going through all the available downloads and enjoy them. Can you do a show with a thorough emphasis on balance? I would like to learn all the challenging yoga poses of balance. Thank you.

Георгий Баженов said...

Disappearing Yoga for Digestion
I have tried to download your next podcast, Yoga for Digestion since it started to show in dim letters in iTunes on October 21, all in vain. It seems to download OK, complete with the progress bar, then I see "Done" on the screen but when I try to open it it is not there, the title is dimmed and I have to restart download again. Next time, same result.

Is it an iTunes glitch? Other podcasts work as usual with me.

Brian said...

papa louie,
Episode 72, which came out last March, is called Yoga for Balance. If you are looking for standing asanas it's exactly what you are looking for, and is also a great all round workout. If it's not available through iTunes, you can purchase from Chaz's website.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chaz, Your podcast is amazing, I love it.. before I found it on iTunes i was never interesting yoga.. bot now I excercise my body every day. Thanks for Your work!

Ps. With some episodes (88-91, 93, 97-101) I have problems. When the download is 100% they disappearing (there is no downloaded file on my hard drive and the iTunes shows they are not downloaded) Do You know what may be the problem?

Best regards and once more thanks for great work!