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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Yoga for the Libido

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In this episode we focus on a series of poses that will bring blood flow and awareness into the areas of the body to increase the libido for both men and women. No need for Viagra when you can do yoga.... enjoy and get the MOJO going.

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enjoy... namaste,



Genevieve Rohan said...

Loved the Pod Cast but couldn't hear you as the music was a bit too loud. Great music, by the way. Thanks as always for a great class. Genevieve

Chaz Rough said...

The music level was lowered so as you could hear the voice better. Thanks for the feedback.


Genevieve Rohan said...

As always, responsive to our needs. Thanks Chaz!

Genevieve Rohan said...

As always, responsive to our needs. Thanks Chaz!

IsaacD said...

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Patrick D said...

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Eliezer said...

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